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Finnish Marketing Research Society (SMTS) is an organisation of professionals who are either interested in or work in the field of marketing research either as planning or executing marketing research projects or as users.

Finnish Marketing Research Society was founded to better the professional knowledge of those working in the field of marketing research.

The first documents for the society are from the 1950's. Membership of the society has increased lately and is currently around 200 individuals.

Finnish Marketing Research Society functions as an active forum for the industry. The society organises one comprehensive seminar on a topical theme per year and at a minimum 4 to 5 smaller breakfast seminars on more concise topics. The larger seminar bears a small fee while all the other seminars are free.

SMTS is run by its board which consists of both users and providers of marketing research. This ensures a broad and objective view into the field. The board meets regularly and is in charge of planning and organising all the events SMTS puts out. All the events are organised by volunteers and at low cost. The annual membership fee is 60 euro and its amount is decided on at the annual meeting held in autumn.

Finnish Marketing Research Society works together with other marketing research related organisations.

The board welcomes questions, comments and ideas from its members and further afield.